Suzie Humphreys has been fired, been broke, been disappointed, been a petrified expectant mother at 40 years old and lives her life with a passion for not only being better but to see things differently. She lifts, jolts and nurtures her audiences and they love every minute of it! She makes them laugh until they swear they can't laugh anymore….then she "grabs" them again!

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Suzie’s Book

NOW, MANY of Suzie Humphrey's stories, observations, and her unshakable optimism in the goodness of life are brought together in her inspirational book, If All Else Fails...Laugh!

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Laugh, Live and Learn

On Finding The Good and Saying "Yes" to Life and "No" to Fear

Includes: "Life Is What Happens To You While You Are Making Other Plans" and "I Can Do That!"

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